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Wio Terminal from Seeed

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Mid 2021, I saw a description of a new product from long-established Seeed.

Not "just" an Arduino... read on. But, as a long-time Arduino enthusiast, it was that side of the Seeed Wio Terminal which appealed to me the most. (That link opens Seeed's product page for this little beauty in a new window of tab for you. Enjoy, close it, you'll come back here!)

The Wio Terminal is a well made, well thought out, small package with lots of goodies but not a big price tag. ($37, 12/21, before p&p etc.)

((q-alt text for wt-index-dev-seeed-img))

Start with a powerful microcontroller (SAMD / ARM® Cortex®-M4F), make it "look" like an Arduino to that well established free multi-platform IDE and its eco-system of devices, geeks and knowledge.

Then package that beautifully with... (and these are just some of the highlights)...

((q-alt text for wt-index-dev-in-hand.jpg))

And it has a Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO, can be mounted to a Raspberry Pi as a slave device!

"Arduino" isn't the only way to program it, either. You may use CircuitPython, Micropython, ArduPy(What is ArduPy?), AT Firmware, Visual Studio Code if you would rather.

If you like to learn from videos, start with this Seeeduino YouTube.


I can hang an LCD off of an Arduino, if I want to.

But this is such a nice, integrated package!

And already a bunch of people have created lots of finished products arount it. Software libraries exist.

Why do things the hard, inelegant way, when the price is so right??

Why you should keep reading...

The nice people at Seeed, and in the Wio Terminal "fan club" have already written many many good pages about the Wio Terminal, its quirks, things you can do with it.

What do the WYWTK.com pages have to offer? (WYWTK? It comes from "What You Want To Know")

I don't aspire to supplant the good stuff which has already been written. But having written my first program in 1968, and having just started with the Wio Terminal in December 2021, I think I can augment the existing documentation.

By all means, use the excellent Seeed "Getting Started" guide. But you may find benefits in having my pages open alongside it. I will sometimes offer advice on the pros and cons of alternative paths you are offered. I will sometimes highlight something that may not be obvious to a novice. The Seeed pages were written by people who have put hundreds of hours into building this gem. I think they can be forgiven for taking certain things for granted, for not realizing that newcomers to the device may not think that x or y or z is something "everyone knows" or "everyone has".

What's here for you...

First experiences, first adventures: Jump in here!

Naming of Parts: No rocket science here, but maybe worth a glance. Tells you which surface of the thing I consider "the front", which way is "up". (A good factoid to try to hang on to in the "interesting" days of mastering a new device!). It will also give you a guide to what ALL the bits you can see are FOR! Most are probably obvious, but I had a few questions about some of them when I was getting started. Maybe you do too?

Early, imperfect notes on I2C: A great feature. One I need to learn more about. At least one of the Grove connectors can be used for connecting I2C modules, opening up a universe of "ready to go" add-on hardware... both input (sensors, etc) and output devices.

Pin assignments, 40 pin connector: There is a Raspberry Pi compatible 40 pin socket on the back of the Wio terminal.

How to re-load the "Jumper" game: Your Wio Terminal should have arrived with a simple (to play!) "jumper" game. Here is how you can put it back in your Terminal.

A few words from the sponsors...

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